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Bushfire risk management

Risk management strategies for the prevention and control of bushfires

West Wallsend High School is located in a bushfire prone area.  As a result, the school is well informed of any fire activity by monitoring local media and regularly checking for updates on the NSW RFS Website or NSW RFS Information line on 1800 679 737.

In the event of fire activity, West Wallsend refers to the department's communication protocols available from the department's bushfire planning and response website.

We are also able to contact our local WHS consultant and further support can be obtained through our WHS Hotline Advisory Service on 1800 811 523.

In the event of a bushfire, parents will be notified of actions the school is taking to ensure the safety of all children.

West Wallsend High School adheres to the department's bushfire program.  We eliminate key risks and have put in place control measures.

Risk management:

  • Have firebreaks maintained and garden rubbish, native shrubs and tree branches kept well clear of buildings.
  • Liaise regularly with Fire and Rescue NSW or NSW Rural Fire Service.
  • Conduct fire drills.
  • Liaise with emergency services about emergency procedures.
  • Discuss with emergency services other issues where appropriate e.g. back burning in bush area adjacent to the workplace.
  • Arrange for contractors to clear gutter of dry leaves or other debris.

Control measures:

  • Contact Fire Brigade on 000. Do not assume that the fire has been reported.
  • Check that taps are working and fill available containers with water.
  • Leave sprinklers on, where possible.
  • Bring hoses and tap fittings indoors.
  • Remove flammable items from windows.
  • Stay clear of windows.
  • Listen to the local radio station for information and advice.
  • Evacuate only under the direction of the Incident Commander of Fire and Rescue NSW, NSW Rural Fire Service or NSW Police. Evacuate immediately if lives are endangered and emergency services cannot be contacted.