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IGNITE program

What is the IGNITE program?

  • A high-level case management program which aims to respond to the individual story of each Year 12 student at point of need.
  • The program focuses on wellbeing + motivation + attendance + academic supports + aspirations + personalised learning supports.
  • IGNITE provides additional support for Year 12 students including:
    • extracurricular booster sessions
    • study periods and study days
    • monitoring of attendance and effort across the cohort
    • student-selected mentors and mentoring sessions.

What is an IGNITE profile?

  • Each Year 12 student has a unique profile which is updated every two weeks based on attendance and effort.
  • It contains the student's ultimate goal, mentor's name, strengths, the subjects they have chosen and any updates along the way.
  • It is one of the many ways we stay connected and support our Year 12 students through their final year of schooling. 

What is the IGNITE wall?

  • The IGNITE wall displays the IGNITE profiles of all students in Year 12 and is located in the principal's office.
  • Students and/or IGNITE coordinators update the profiles at least once a fortnight using a traffic light system.
  • Students are encouraged to take ownership and accountability for their attendance, effort, learning & wellbeing. 
  • Profiles are coded for easy access of information.