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Student support and wellbeing

Welcome to our wellbeing faculty

"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." (Aesop)

Faculty goals and vision

  • Support a diverse range of student learning needs to ensure all students receive the support they require to thrive at school. 
  • Enhance the social and emotional wellbeing of students to improve learning outcomes.
  • Address students' learning support needs through the coordination, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of educational progress.

Faculty strengths

  • Empowering students to thrive within the school community by building pro-social behaviours, resilience, coping skills, responsible digital citizenship and positive relationships.
  • Delivering and providing a broad range of learning and wellbeing programs that connect teachers, support staff, families and students.


Go to Small group wellbeing programs for more information.

Our staff

  • Head Teacher Wellbeing
  • Student Support Officer (SSO)
  • Learning and Support Teachers (LaSTs)
  • Student Learning Support Officers (SLSOs)
  • Aboriginal Education Officer (AEO)
  • Year Advisors

How we support our students