West Wallsend High School

We learn for life

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Welcome to our support faculty

"I am enough!"

Faculty goals and vision

  • For all students to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding to succeed within a school setting and equip them with high aspirations and a desire for lifelong learning.¬†
  • Assist in the successful transition from one educational setting to another or to the workforce.¬†
  • To provide a safe, supportive and caring environment to facilitate positive changes in students' behavioural, educational, wellbeing and vocational outcomes.

Faculty strengths

  • The support faculty believes we can best support and lead students if staff embrace being lifelong learners - this allows students a growth mindset for learning.
  • A broad skill set for both teachers and students allows for productive and capable individuals. Support is paramount for teachers and students to feel valued and capable.


  • Community access
  • Hands on Learning¬†
  • Skills for Life


  • Varied subjects depending on the year level
  • Mainstream syllabus and Life Skills syllabus