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Spark class

Welcome to our Spark class

"As a society we must be able to admire ability, to support ability, to celebrate ability and to nurture ability. It must be as socially acceptable to support genius that is intellectual as it is to support genius that is athletic." (Michael Clay Thompson)

Spark class philosophy

Our Spark class is part of the High Potential and Gifted Education (HPGE) program at West Wallsend High School which is committed to high-quality educational outcomes for all high potential and gifted learners.

In addition, our HPGE policy recognises the following: 

  • Every student is entitled to rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities that meet their specific learning needs and abilities.
  • Students can be encouraged and supported in the optimisation of growth across all domains of potential: intellectual, creative, social-emotional, and physical.
  • High potential and gifted students are a diverse group with a broad range of levels of intellectual potential and require different types of educational adjustments and provisions.
  • A range of data will be used to identify high potential and gifted students.
  • The school will work in partnership with parents/carers to support their children and address underachievement
  • All staff are supported with sufficient knowledge and training to provide quality teaching and gifted and talented programs and initiatives.

Whole school HPGE initiatives

At West Wallsend High School, students have access to the following programs and initiatives: 

  • Year 7 Spark class - a classroom environment that provides students with additional opportunities to 'spark' their talents in the intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical domains of learning. Students in the Spark class have access to a homeroom and talent development opportunities, including individual mentorship and differentiated teaching and learning practices, ensuring that their specific learning and wellbeing needs are met (student placement by application in Year 6 and reviewed each term)
  • Years 8–10 - HPGE class placement (reviewed each term) provides students with differentiated learning targeted to their individual strengths.
  • Case management of identified HPGE students, including access to mentorship opportunities.
  • Ability grouping with differentiated curriculum in mainstream classes.
  • Whole school enrichment programs in the areas of intellectual, creative, social-emotional and physical domains of learning, including SHOUT, sport coaching and access to external competitions.
  • Parent/mentor information evenings, workshops and student-led conferences. 
  • Stage 5 and 6 extension programs such as the High Achievers Program and University of Newcastle first year course opportunities.

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